11 Best Professional Webflow Ecommerce Example Sites

Explore 11 of the best professional Webflow ecommerce example sites for inspiration. Discover outstanding online stores built with Webflow.

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When it comes to designing an e-commerce site, it better be as good as the products it sells. E-commerce has become pretty mainstream right now, and having a responsive website with a seamless user experience is no luxury now. 

Webflow e-commerce templates have made it easier for merchants to build no-code custom websites that turn heads. From amazing UI to a buttery smooth check-out system – there’s almost everything in Webflow’s pack that you can ask for. 

We’ve picked 11 e-commerce sites worldwide that use Webflow e-commerce solutions and are nailing it. 

11 Best Professional Webflow eCommerce Example Sites

Here are 11 best professional Webflow ecommerce example sites that should inspire you to build your own! 

1. Space Posters 

Space enthusiasts should fall for this site immediately if they land on their home page. This minimalistic yet incredibly designed website uses the power of Webflow customization to create an impact on the user experience. 

Space Posters Webflow eCommerce Website

It’s basically an e-commerce site for high-resolution space-related posters that you can buy directly from the first page. It has two tabs for both Home and the Posters, but you can browse your options by scrolling down, too. 

This makes it easy to navigate without having to click here and there. The black and white theme adds to the majestic feel of skimming through the site. This feel-good vibe continues to the check-out page, where it’s just a matter of a few clicks to own the posters. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Minimalistic design 
  • Easy check-out interface
  • Simple navigation

2. Midwest Mutt Shop

Well, dog owners should pay attention now. What if you get most of your dog’s grooming items under one site? Midwest Mutt Shop should come in handy when you are looking for something like this! Built on a smooth e-commerce template in Webflow, this site looks straightforward. 

Midwest Mutt Shop Webflow eCommerce Website

Losing yourself in navigating panels is impossible here. With only three top tabs (Home, Shop, and Contact), you can skim through all your options in one place. The best part is that a short description pops up on the images when you hover your mouse over them. 

The social media integration on the top-right makes it pretty easy to visit their Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter) handles. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Easy navigation between panels and pages 
  • Straightforward user experience
  • Pop-up descriptions with product images  

3. Eggcitables 

For all the vegans out there, who don’t want to feel left out from enjoying delicious egg items, it’s time for you to get ‘eggcited’! This plant-based start-up is making different egg items without using eggs! The home page should give you an idea of what are the egg-free products you can get. 

Eggcitables Webflow eCommerce Website

Clicking on the ‘Shop now’ button will lead you to select the items and check out easily. However, you can navigate different pages other than direct shopping from the collapsible menu on the top left. They have used the blog part of the site to host all the yummy recipes that you can try! 

Scrolling to the bottom of the site will get you to the live chat support you can access instantly. Also, you will find links to their social media handles in the mid-bottom area. The whole design makes it a perfectly usable e-commerce site for all users.

Key Takeaway: 

  • Smooth check-out system
  • Collapsible menu 
  • Live chat support integration

4. Nalen Ayurveda 

Care to take care of your skin, all naturally? Meet Nalen Ayurveda, which relies on ancient Indian Ayurvedic recipes to make all-natural skincare items. The site starts with a few sliding images of their products that initially hook the customers. 

Nalen Ayurveda Webflow eCommerce Website

There are three tabs on top that let you explore different pages. From the ‘About us’ to the Ayurvedic know-how, it lets users spend quality time. A separate blog section at the bottom of the page allows users to hang around, even if they are done browsing. 

One interesting integration they did there is using a Quiz tab to get the user's email. This list-building lead generation is as simple as it can get when you are using Webflow site builder. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Aesthetic and eye-soothing design 
  • Straight to selling focus UI
  • Sales funnel integration via email collection 

5. Studio 2 AM

Products don’t need to be physical, do they? Sell your digital products just like Studio 2 AM with a Webflow e-commerce setup. This site doesn’t beat around the bush and comes up straight with what it sells. You get a segmentized product list like ‘Trending now’, ‘New releases’, etc. 

Studio 2 AM Webflow eCommerce Website

You can also explore by category by routing through the ‘All Category’ option. Adding products to the cart is as simple as it can get. The check-out zone also looks dope, with the dark theme setting up the mood.  Also, a review panel at the bottom of the check-out page gives the user a proper idea of what customers have been saying about their products. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Straightforward product-selling design
  • Explore by category 
  • Customer/User review section 

6. One Sustainable Planet

Set in a theme of a mixture of white and green colors, One Sustainable Planet is a benchmark site when it comes to simplicity. They sell biodegradable products for a better planet Earth. This probably inspired the design, as well, to be as simple as possible – just like the Earth should be. 

One Sustainable Planet Webflow eCommerce Website

The top tabs on the site will easily show your way to the different decomposing packing items they make. Also, they have a separate page dedicated to the guidelines on decomposing their products.  The check-out section is straightforward once you add a product to your cart. Put in your card info, and you are done! 

Apart from simply letting you know about their product, philosophy, and selling their solutions, the website hosts no fancy show. At the bottom of the pages, you will find the company's social media handles and newsletter so that you can get up close and personal with them. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Simple and elegant design 
  • Seamless check-out system 
  • Great brand positioning

7. Stand Still Tea

Your perception of a traditional e-commerce website should change once you start browsing this site. Tell you what, you won’t even recognize it’s an e-commerce site at first look! It uses an aesthetic theme powered by Webflow to blend in a story-telling scenario. 

Stand Still Tea Webflow eCommerce Website

The site doesn’t start by screaming out about the products. Rather, it kicks off with what they are proud of – the expert hands and the process of making a blend of top-class tea. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find any products to purchase when you scroll down. 

You will find a ‘shop’ button on the left to guide you through the premium blends that you can try. The buttons on the left panel are horizontally aligned to give it a visually appealing look. You may need to bend your head a little, but hey, anything for a sophisticated design, right? 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Story-telling brand positioning 
  • Simple navigation system
  • Sophisticated design 

8. Insane Boats

Enough with aesthetics; let’s check out some of the vividly designed e-commerce websites, shall we? Introducing Insane Boats should give you a vibe of ecstasy in life! The blend of yellow and white with black fonts sneaking its place in the middle makes it pretty eye-catching. 

Insane Boats Webflow eCommerce Website

No need to scroll down like your Instagram feed, as the site gets all its info on the home page, and you can navigate different pages right from there. Embedded videos/GIFs make it entirely exciting to try out their boats. 

Link to all of their products, gallery, and contacts are placed on the top of the site. Interestingly, this top navigation panel is frozen to the bottom of the page for instant shifting from page to page. Apart from these, the site uses the very basic idea of a single-platform e-commerce theme, and doesn’t it nail that? 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Modern and funky design 
  • Embedded videos and GIFs increase conversion 
  • Smooth navigation between product pages 

9. Diearbeit

Diearbeit Band’s site should give you a proper idea of how personalized branding should be done while selling your products online. The site would not appear out of this world, but given the artistic design powered by Webflow, it allows it to stand out from the crowd. 

Diearbeit Webflow eCommerce Website

Your first impressions won’t hold it as an e-commerce site as you can hardly see the shopping option due to its oversized text from top to bottom. Again, there’s nothing to complain about, as the design itself focuses more on the band’s theme and motto, rather than selling their albums. 

Scrolling down, you will see different videos and clips from their production and a list of links that redirect to different music. However, on the top right of the site, which hovers down while you scroll, has a ‘Shop’ button leading you to the site's e-commerce portion. 

The check-out page is rather simple, just like any other e-commerce site, and you can place an order in a few minutes! 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Personalized branding 
  • Highly niche-specific product selling 
  • Simple ordering style 

10. Cloe Cassandro

A challenging task for most e-commerce sites is to create a brand impression within the e-commerce ecosystem. Cloecassandro has made it possible, thanks to the amazingly designed e-commerce solutions from Webflow. Landing on the website, you are bound to get hooked by the stunning images that showcase their expert crafting. 

Cloe Cassandro Webflow eCommerce Website

Beautifully placed vertical images beneath the banner images, make it look more like a fashion modeling site than an e-commerce one. Of course, you will get a price tag at the bottom of each product image, but you get the point! 

Contrary to sliding images at the ‘Add to cart’ page, Cloecassandro chose to put multiple images one after another, allowing the users to check out more pictures while making the final decision. Plus, reading the further description on the right adds to the efficiency of the presentation. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • Focused on brand image development 
  • Stunning product image placement 
  • Excellent order and check-out page design 

11. Two 14 Coffee

Two 14 Coffee understands coffee lovers. They got it right that those who need coffee, like to get straight to the point! Visiting the site, you won’t feel like you are lost. It’s the regular coffee you like, with additional products to consider. 

two 14 coffee webflow ecommerce website

The site starts with ensuring that the coffee you are about to explore comes with military precision while in the making. Scroll down a few rolls; you get straight to the different blends of coffee you would never want to miss trying. 

Apart from that, you get to use the frozen top navigation panel to get to the merch you should definitely try out. Segmentalized by coffee, shop, and wholesale, you can visit the classified version of the list of products you can pick. 

Key Takeaway: 

  • No-fluff selling-centric UI
  • Easy pick and check-out navigation 
  • Highly focused on branding 

Why Webflow E-Commerce Integration Stands Out?

Although Webflow still has a long way to go in terms of becoming the benchmark for e-commerce platforms, it does bring a lot to the table to stand out. Here are some of the highlighted features that make it different. 

  • Fluidity in Customization 

Unlike most other platforms that offer rigid templates, Webflow e-commerce can be designed from scratch with zero coding. You can literally design your site as you like. Yes, there are pre-built templates, but you can be a Picasso on your own. 

  • Third-party App Integration 

Many Webflow enthusiast developers constantly develop different apps and tools to integrate into Webflow sites. Adding email marketing tools, customer review panels, and many other tools are just a few clicks away on the Webflow platform. 

  • Responsive Website 

Apart from third-party mobile App interface, Webflow web versions can also be easily customized for mobile view. This makes it extremely easy for users to browse the site from phones and tablets. 

  • SEO-friendly Design 

One of the best parts of Webflow e-commerce is that it comes with customizable meta tags and facilitates self-generating sitemaps. You get it; these additional features make your SEO job easy. Pull in more customers with the integrated SEO-friendly features! 

E-Commerce Website: Shopify vs. Webflow – Which One To Pick? 

When it comes to building an e-commerce site with no coding, the obvious elephant in the room is Shopify. So, between Shopify and Webflow, which one should you pick for your e-commerce site? Let’s find out some head-to-head comparisons between these two platforms for easier decisions. 




Free plan

Free plan until going live

Only a 14-day trial

Target User

Small and medium-sized online store

Dedicated e-commerce stores


Standard: $29, Plus: $74, and Advanced: $212 P/M

Basic: $29, Shopify: $79, and Advanced Shopify: $299 P/M

Transaction fees

2% on basic, 0% for mid-tier and advanced

2% on basic, 1% for mid-tier and 0.5% for advanced

Animation integration

Rich and complex integration

Not smooth enough like Webflow

Design and Navigation

A bit difficult compared to Shopify

Easy to use, built for new and non-savvy users

Template Design

Excellent free and paid templates 

Very few free templates compared to Webflow

Theme design

Customizable themes can give your site a distinctive look

Hard-to-customized themes will make it hard for you to stand out

APP Version

No official App version, but third-party apps can get the job done at certain points. 

Official, fully functional App from Shopify


PCI-DSS Compliant and has an SSL Certificate 

Prioritizes optimum security measures 


Has a dedicated blog section

Doesn’t focus on blogs


No coding

No coding

POS Integration



Help & Support

Email and Phone support

Email, Phone, Live Chat, and Social Media support

Final Words 

Building an e-commerce site is no longer time-consuming, requiring you to code for days and nights. Embracing the no-code or low-code site-building hacks from Webflow can get your business a ready-to-sell e-commerce platform in a few hours! Having most of the common payment gateways to enable users to have a seamless payment experience is something you can bet on. Plus, access to endless themes with faster loading time than Shopify to set up your dream UI should be an unmatched option you can’t resist. Considering the easy subscription plans offered, setting up the Webflow e-commerce for your venture should be a no-brainer!

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