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Frequently Asked Question

Discover quick answers to your burning questions about our services at Flowzai. Our FAQs offer valuable insights into Webflow templates, SEO, design, and more.

Are there templates for Webflow?

We do not offer any free templates now, But we have offer professional, high quality Webflow templates at affordable prices.

Are Webflow templates worth it?

Definitely! Webflow templates include ready-made designs that help  build a website faster. They are like shortcuts for making  cool websites without starting from scratch. Plus, these templates are up-to-date with the latest design trends for different types of businesses.

Should I use a Webflow template?

Absolutely! Webflow templates are like pre-designed layouts that speed up the process of building a website. They also follow the latest design trends for different industries. So, using one is like having a cool website without doing all the design work.

Is Webflow good for SEO?

For sure! Webflow is great for SEO, even better than its competitors. It's not just good—it's awesome! It's easy to make good-looking pages that people like, thanks to how easy Webflow is to use.

Is Webflow good for design?

Yes, Webflow is great for creating all sorts of websites. Whether it's a blog, an online store, a personal portfolio, or a big company site, Webflow has your back. You can make things look the way you want, which is why designers like it.

Do professional designers use Webflow?

Yes, lots of professional designers use Webflow. More than 3.5 million designers and teams use it to make cool websites. Even the folks at Supremo use it! It's a powerful tool for creating websites.

Why is Webflow better than WordPress?

Here's the deal: Webflow gives you everything you need without adding extra stuff. You don't need extra plugins. You also get help from Webflow if you need it. Webflow also works better out of the box. While WordPress can be fast too, it takes more work.

Why does Webflow cost more?

When you pay for Webflow, you're getting more than just hosting. You're also getting cool features you won't find with other hosts. Some special things, like plugins, are only in Webflow. It might cost more, but it's not more expensive than other similar hosts.