Best 14 Low-Code Agencies Primed for Web Development Success

Discover the top 14 low-code agencies for web development success, from Flowzai to SoftServe, and transform your business effortlessly.

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Low-code development has become very popular among newbie developers for building powerful websites since it requires little to no coding experience. Yet, you’ll still need some technical skills for top-of-the-line outcomes in the long run.

And that could be a roadblock for busy professionals. For example, if you’re a business owner, you may not have the time and resources to handle all the web work yourself. Besides, there could be technical issues you may not want to tackle alone, and an in-house team could strain your budget.

Thankfully, there are top low-code agencies like Flowzai, Altoros, and Softserve you can hire instead. They’ve got experts working with various platforms for years who understand your unique challenges and can offer customized solutions to meet your demands.

More importantly, they know how to keep your project on track within your budget from experience working with startups and larger companies.

Curious to know who else made our list of the top 14 best low-code agencies? Keep reading for highlights of their specialized skills, satisfied customers, and impressive pricing..

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Low-Code Development Service?

Low-code platforms are meant for people without much coding knowledge. So why pay someone else to use it if it's so easy? Well, the real story is that some coding is still needed. While low-code has drag-and-drop and templates, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Besides, every company has unique aspects that vary from others. And a professional skilled in both coding and low-code platforms can help you customize things to match your specific needs.

  • Most low-code firms work with multiple platforms, so their developers understand how tools work and how to leverage experience.
  • Building an in-house team can strain budgets, especially for new or small businesses. Outsourcing to an agency makes low-code projects more cost-effective.
  • Experts ensure your project stays on the right technological path, avoiding errors common with do-it-yourself approaches.
  • You get a ready-to-use product with less waiting time. Professionals handle the complexities, allowing you to launch web apps much quicker.
  • Agencies also often provide ongoing support and maintenance, which can be invaluable. This means you have continued access to expert assistance long after launching your project. 

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Low-Code Agency

When you have so many options, choosing one can be overwhelming. After all, there's no single "best" - it's about finding a good fit for your needs, budget, and goals.

  1. Partner support - Choose an agency with developers committed to your preferred low-code tool.
  1. Experience - If developing process automation, find one with that specific background.
  1. Industry knowledge - Not essential but a plus. Some sectors have more use cases than others, though.
  1. Development approach - Agile vs waterfall - see which style suits your team better.
  1. Communication plan - Important for outsourcing. Ensure expectations are clear upfront.
  1. Time zone compatibility - Compatible schedules ease collaboration.
  1. Cost - See if the price fits your budget to avoid going over your budget.
  1. Maintenance - Ask about training, support duration, and whether it costs extra long-term.

Top 14 Low-Code Agencies for Streamlined Web Development

Now, as promised, let's take a closer look at the very best of low-code agencies. Each name we’ve chosen has a proven track record, expertise, and service offering to elevate your project to the next level.

1. Flowzai

Flowzai is a top Webflow design agency that specializes entirely in Webflow work. They help with sites, integrations, custom pages, speeding things up, and plugins. Whether you need a full site or just some tweaks, Flowzai delivers.

Flowzai Low-Code Agencie

They understand clients need different things, so budgets are flexible to fit startups or bigger companies. Flowzai works closely with all types to design exactly what's needed. With years of using Webflow, they know how to craft smooth experiences that load fast on any device.

  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh 
  • 10-25 employees
  • Services: Webflow Design and Development, Custom app/plugins, SEO Optimization, Content Migration, Sitemap automation
  • Low-code platform partners: Webflow exclusively
  • No-code platform and services: Webflow, Zapier automation
  • Notable clients: Loreal, Deliveroo
  • Focused Industries: Startups, Small Businesses, Marketing Agencies
  • Average project cost: Around $20 per hour

2. Altoros

Altoros is a reputable consulting firm that helps large companies with the methods, education, tech tools, and whole-of-business solutions needed for digital growth. 

altoros Low-Code Agencie

The group works on developing cloud-based apps, analyzing customer data, developing blockchains, and implementing AI for lasting benefits over competitors. Working with major tech suppliers, they accelerate know-how and give stack-neutral guidance to clients.

  • Location: Pleasanton, California 
  • 250-999 employees
  • Services: Custom software, product development, cloud-native apps
  • Low-code platform partners: OutSystems, AWS, Mendix, Appian, Microsoft Azure
  • No-code platform and services: Airslate, Nutshell, Webflow, Appy Pie
  • Notable Clients: Siemens, Toyota, Samsung, Allstate etc.
  • Focused Industries: Medical, Financial Services, eCommerce, Telecommunication
  • Average project cost: $50-$99 per hour

3. Maruti Techlabs

Maruti Techlabs has been winning awards for over 13 years as a company that helps with product strategy, design, and development. 

marutitech Low-Code Agencie

They help businesses through low-code, whether taking ideas to reality or automating customer support with chatbots. And Maruti’s dedicated team is always keen to grasp industry dynamics and company requirements for tailored solutions.

  • Location: Austin, Texas 
  • 50-249 employees
  • Services: MVP Development, Cloud Application, POC Development, Chatbot Development, Robotic Process Automation, and Product Development.
  • Low-code platform partners: Airtable, Salesforce Lightning, Mendix 
  • No-code platform and services: Webflow, Bubble, Appy Pie 
  • Notable clients: Smart AI, Domino Printing, IBM, Ikea, Amneal Pharma 
  • Focused Industries: Medical, Real estate, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Information Technology, Automotive, Hospitality and Leisure
  • Average project cost: $25-$49 per hour 

4. Indium Software

Indium has been doing software development for over 20 years now. They do things all over, with offices stateside and two centers in India. 

indiumsoftware Low-Code Agencie

One of their specialties is helping clients out from starting small to full production. A lot of their work involves big data and analytics apps, too. They focus on adding value through customer-centric, quality solutions no matter what clients need.

  • Location: Cupertino, California 
  • 1,499-2,000 employees
  • Services: Data Analysis, Application Development, Business Process Automation, Workflow Management, Citizen Development, Customization and Integration, IoT Development
  • Low-code platform partners: OutSystems, Mendix, Microsoft PowerApps
  • Focused Industries: Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Banking, BFSI, Healthcare
  • Average project cost: Around $25/hour 

5. Passionate Design Agency

Passionate always put creativity on top when it comes to branding and websites. They always come up with interesting looks and layouts that grab people's attention and get them clicking. Plus, they do a lot of testing to ensure everything works as expected visually and functionally.

passionates Low-Code Agencie

What truly drives them is using their talents to strengthen companies. The team digs deep to understand each business's customer before beginning a project. And their clients range from new ventures to well-known names looking to update their online image.

  • Location: London, UK
  • Employees: 10-49
  • Services: Brand Strategy, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Interactive Design, eCommerce Development
  • Low and no-code platform partners: Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Webflow
  • Notable clients: Doctolib, PetLove, Brewdog, Glossier
  • Focused Industries: Fashion, Food and Beverage, Technology, Media
  • Average project cost: $100-$149 per hour

6. Softude

Softude, formerly Systematix Infotech, helps companies reinvent how they do things. They're always on the hunt to bring in new tech ideas, like using low-code platforms. With 17 years of experience in designing tech makeovers and building software, they know how to deliver.

softude Low-Code Agencie

Softude cares about creating fun, intuitive digital stuff that catches customers’ attention and connects them to brands. Their dedicated crew works hard to quickly launch projects and smoothly guide clients into focusing more on being online.

  • Location: Houston, Texas 
  • 250-999 employees
  • Services: Business Process Management, AI-Driven Transformation, On-Premises Applications, Custom Development Services
  • Low-code platform partners: Zoho Creator, Creatio, Bubble, Mendix, Backendless 
  • Notable clients: DTDC Express Limited, Addco, Capitol Commodity Hedging Service, Crompton Greaves, School Space Medi, Etika
  • Focused Industries: Manufacturing, Automotive, Education, Financial Services, Medical 
  • Average project cost: $25-$50 per hour 

7. Flatirons

Flatirons has a talented crew of product designers, engineers, managers, and owners. They focus on developing user-friendly custom websites and mobile apps. 

flatironssolutions Low-Code Agencie

With energy, honesty, and openness, the in-house team at Flatirons aids companies and businesses through innovative web development and full design services to boost their success.

  • Location: Boulder, Colorado 
  • 10-49 employees
  • Services: MVP Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Custom SaaS platform, Custom Software
  • Low-code platform partners: Mendix, Visual Lansa, Appian, OutSystems, Salesforce Lightning, Creatio
  • No-code platform and services: Bubble, Airslate, Appy Pie, Webflow
  • Notable clients: Zeta, Dollaride, Nomad Health, Haul Hub, Front Steps, Abbott, Boardable 
  • Focused Industries: Finance, Healthcare, Recruiting, Transportation and Logistics, Energy and Utilities 
  • Average project cost: $50-$99 per hour 

8. OneSeven

Starting as a sub place, OneSeven grew to an esteemed low-code firm but kept helping startups. Boasting a worldwide team from 10 nations, their experts aided pre-seed to Series B ventures. 

oneseventech Low-Code Agencie

Gaining varied knowledge, OneSeven takes projects further through planning, designing, building, and backing quality digital solutions for portfolio companies.

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Florida 
  • 10-49 employees
  • Services: Product Roadmapping, Prototype, MVP Development, Mobile App and Web Development
  • Low-code platform partners: Mendix, Salesforce Lightning, Airtable 
  • No-code platform and services: Webflow, Bubble, Thunkable
  • Notable clients: Enlight, Forest Founders, Chainstarters, Babafi, Teammetrix, Equitus, Templa
  • Focused Industries: Education, Medical, Media, Financial Services, Logistics and Transport, Supply Chain
  • Average project cost: $100-$149 per hour 

9. CodeNinja

Started in 2014, CodeNinja is a top software builder with global affiliates and customers in 20 nations. Clients find various digital and low-code help, outsourcing CodeNinja’s qualified group. 

codeninjaconsulting Low-Code Agencie

With 1,400 successful projects done, the agency earned recognition in 2022 from Clutch and Forbes Technology Council for accomplishments.

  • Location: Lahore, Pakistan
  • 50-249 employees
  • Services: Enterprise Software Development, E-commerce Development, Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, DevOps and Infrastructure Automation, Full-Stack Development
  • Low and no-code platform partners: Zapier, Microsoft PowerApps, AppSheet, Appian
  • Notable clients: ASTAR, Ernst & Young, K-Electric, Scientist
  • Focused Industries: Technology, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Energy
  • Average project cost: $25-$50 per hour

10. Radixweb

Launched in the 2000s, Radixweb formed a highly skilled engineers crew assisting companies undergoing digital change, providing top tech. 

radixweb Low-Code Agencie

As a leading low-code builder, it now has 650+ developers creating high-ROI, high-performing work with sincerity and speed. Committed to valuable client ties, Radixweb wants global praise for empowering businesses amid shifting industries.

  • Location: Artesia, California  
  • 250-999 employees
  • Services: Web App Development, Proliferation, Process/Business Automation, Custome Firmware Development,
  • Low-code platform partners: Zoho Creator, Salesforce Lightning 
  • Notable clients: R.R. Donnelley, Tesco, New York Times, HP Inc., Xerox, Bose Corporation, and many more
  • Focused Industries: Manufacturing, Financial Services, Business Services, Education
  • Average project cost: $25-$49 per hour

11. The NineHerzt

The NineHertz rapidly grew as a top low-code builder in the US, pledging quality goods and views on mobility. Flaunting a broad portfolio, their end-to-end solutions aid business rise while shortening wait times.

theninehertz Low-Code Agencie

NineHertz also pinpoints risks and future chances addressing short and lasting rewards. They’ve delivered over 1,000 mobile, tablet, and web apps since 2008. And their iPhone and Android work earned them various honors, with some seeing massive downloads.

  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio 
  • 50-249 employees
  • Services: AI-based transformation, Business process management, Mobile App Development, Field Services optimization, Custom development, Offline applications  
  • Low-code platform partners: ServiceNow, Appian, Zoho, Salesforces, OutSystems
  • Notable clients: Samsung, Tutor, Jio Air Asia, Jaipur Metro Rail System, Casio, Cosmet
  • Focused Industries: eCommerce, Healthcare, Entertainment, Education, Banking
  • Average project cost: Around $25 per hour 

12. Magora

Operating in Europe, Magora provides digital solutions to customers across industries as a low-code developer. They have a policy to do everything with transparency and honesty to get the best outcomes. 

magora-systems Low-Code Agencie

They mostly create different apps for front and back-end stuff using Objective C, PHP, Java, React, or Angular.js. In 2021, they were named a top app developer in the UK. Then, the next year, they got awarded for being one of the top mobile development outfits.

  • Location: London, UK
  • 50-249 employees
  • Services: Web Development, App Development, Backend and Frontend solutions, API Development, Data Engineering
  • Low-code platform partners: Quick Base, Kissflow
  • Notable clients: Royal College of Art, Unilever, AstraZeneca
  • Focused Industries: Real Estate, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Retail
  • Average project cost: $25-$49 per hour

13. Veza Digital

Veza Digital helps companies grow sustainably through innovative web design and organic SEO. They run paid advertising campaigns for software-as-a-service businesses to get more customers. You can choose between their PPC marketing or PPC for SaaS to meet your needs.

vezadigital Low-Code Agencie

Veza's small but capable team always strives to create innovative digital strategies and put them into place. Clients come to Veza because of their expertise, especially their reliable low-code and no-code solutions that get results.

  •  Location: Toronto, Canada
  • 50-249 employees
  • Services: Strategic Consulting, Branding and Design, Low-Code Development, Digital Marketing, SEO
  • Low and no-code platform partners: Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, WordPress, Shopify
  • Notable clients: Statflo, Wavy, Swyf, Bloxlive TV
  • Focused Industries: Marketing and Advertising, Information Technology, Business Services, eCommerce, Real Estate
  • Average project cost: $150-$199 per hour

14. Softserve

SoftServe has been around for over 30 years now. That vast experience makes them dependable advisers when blending companies with the newest tech developments in this ever-changing industry.

softserveinc Low-Code Agencie

They do all sorts of stuff like cloud and analytics and help companies grow quickly with low-code solutions. Their end-to-end work enables companies and software developers to redefine themselves and race ahead in today's digital world.

  • Location: Austin, Texas 
  • 10,000+ employees
  • Services: Enterprise applications development, Business Process Management, Citizen Developers Training, Custom Software Development
  • Low-code platform partners: Service, Pega, Microsoft, UiPath, Automation Anywhere
  • Notable clients: Henry Schein Practice Solutions, Cloudera, Panasonic, Zilliant, BMC Software
  • Focused Industries: Information Technology, Retail, Medical, Healthcare
  • Average project cost: $100-$149 per hour

Wrapping Up

With the best 14 low-code agencies we've covered, transforming your business through intuitive, affordable web development should be super simple now. Whether you need quick projects from Flowzai or robust enterprise-level solutions from SoftServe, you've got amazing choices for your specific needs. 

Assess important things like knowledge of your field, preferred platforms, communication plans, and costs. And then, team up with the one you like best for game-changing apps that streamline how you work and take your company to new heights.

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